He made the remarks in his visit to the IRGC Navy bases in the southern Iranian islands of the Greater Tunb and Abu Musa. Tangsiri visited the commanding, control, and operating sectors of the IRGC Navy and after reviewing the latest state of readiness and combat capability, announced the latest […]

The Jask governor said that the Iranian maritime guards seized an Indian ship suspected of carrying Covid-19 cases in the Persian Gulf waters in the Jask County, in the Southern Province of Homozgan. He said that the Indian vessel was carrying 19 Indian crew while it was detained. He added two Indian […]

In a ceremony to commemorate the National Persian Gulf Day on Friday night, Safaei Bushehri opined that the Persian Gulf is an important strategic waterway so Iran should move forward with sea-based planning in economic, security, political and cultural areas to take advantage of it. Many rich energy resources of the […]

The Persian Gulf is of special importance not only in the Middle East and Asia, but also in the world and has been connected with Iranian civilization for several thousand years. That is why the waterway has always been of interest to political, military and economic powers, geologists, archeologists, historiographers […]

The 10th day of Ordibehesht – the second month on the Iranian calendar, which fell on April 30 this year – has been designated as the Persian Gulf National Day to commemorate not only the historical victory of the Iranian forces against the trespassers in the southern waters but also to remind all that the […]