“The Persian Gulf is our home and we don’t let anybody jeopardize its security at any cost”, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said on Wednesday. “This region also is our home. It has a very wide range of capacities that can be used with boosting regional cooperation”, he said, stressing, “Cooperation and interaction […]

“Presence of transregional forces does not preserve and enhance regional security, but causes threat and insecurity,” he said on Wednesday while addressing a virtual conference dubbed ‘Persian Gulf is our home’ hosted by Supreme National Defense University. Ghalibaf highlighted that the foreign troops’ presence disturbs economic opportunities in and out […]

In a ceremony on Monday attended by IRCG commander Major General Hossein Salami, IRGC Navy commander Rear Admiral Tangsiri, and a host of ranking military commanders a new missile city was unveiled. The base is equipped with different systems and cruise and ballistic missiles that have different ranges. The new […]

Dubbed ‘Desert Flag 2021’, the drill is being held with the participation of air forces from the UAE, the US, Saudi Arabia, India, France, South Korea, and Bahrain. According to reports, Greece, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt, in turn, will be “observers” for the three-week wargames. The drill will wrap up […]

Abbas Araghchi made the remarks in his meeting with Special Representative of the Qatari Foreign Minister for Regional Affairs Ali Bin Fahad Al-Hajri. Referring to the good relations between the two countries, Araghchi stressed the need to continue consultations on bilateral and regional issues. “Establishing regional security and stability will be […]